Healthy Happy Hour

Your Health Starts Here, Your Health Starts Now

It's so frustrating to see so much CRAP out there about health. Selling magic pills and potions, promising to fix everything. I refuse to be a part of all THAT nonsense. What I can tell you is, we have a system that works. It is NOT a quick fix, but will transform all areas of your life if you allow it...

They shed the weight that has stolen their self-confidence.
They gain the energy that allows them to enjoy their children or other interests.
They enhance their concentration and focus.
They eliminate toxins from their body allowing their skin to shine.
They get off or reduce their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure medications.
They will live HEALTHY, longer...not decline slowly and painfully as we have all been conditioned to believe is "normal"

Interested in Healthy Aging?
Tired of Feeling like CRAP?

This has been no easy feat, but I can proudly say that I have found a program that actually works and it is my absolute honor to share it with you.

You Deserve Results!

The first step to making a change is recognizing that you DESERVE the outcome you desire. This does not mean that you can sit on the couch and do nothing, but it does mean that you should have access to a healthy and proven process to gain the results you have always wanted to achieve.

At our Healthy Happy Hour on Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 pm CST, I am going to take about 15 minutes to share a specific strategy and program you can follow that will enable you to hit your goals and sustain results. Cut the CRAP, and Take Your Health Back!

This experience is for people who are truly motivated to improve their quality of life in an environment where everyone is driven to take their health to an entirely new level.

Healthy Happy Hour is a social experience where you will have the opportunity to try some of our favorite healthy snacks, learn what you can do right now to get immediate results, and make friends that will stick with your for a lifetime.

Your Goals are My Goals

Needing help can be hard to admit and ask for...particularly women feel the need to do it by themselves. They feel incompetent when they have to seek help. Can I be frank? That is CRAP perfectionistic thinking! How is that serving you so far?

I have always been passionate about helping people take control of their most precious asset - THEIR HEALTH. In a world filled with misinformation, my goal is to become your beacon of hope.

You want a full and joyful life? People have told me that learning how to achieve health naturally has been the most transformational experience in their lives and I want this for you because you deserve this experience vitality.

Join me (and bring at least one friend) on Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 pm CST for an experience that is guaranteed to open your eyes to an entirely new possibility.

Expert Presenter

Kris Sargent

Cut the CRAP and Take Your Health Back

When And Where
From November 16, 2017 - 06:30 PM To 8:00 PM CST
800 Roosevelt Rd Building E220 Glen Ellyn 60137 United States